Ray-Ban launched a new publicity campaign, NEVER HIDE – #CAMPAIGN4CHANGE.

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The world famous brand of sunglasses, Ray-Ban’s owner Luxottica Group announced. ray ban sunglasses to start the latest communication platform – Never Hide #Campaign4change.

The focus of this publicity campaign is a group of creative photography works by famous photographer and video producer Cheryl Dunn. This group of photos a total of eight, personality publicity. This is also the essence of the Ray Ban sunglasses brand. Photos of the protagonists play a vanguard role in daily life, and constantly open up, they break the rules.

Ray ban sunglasses outlet series is designed for those bold people self design With the traditional style and modern attitude, for the past, present and future of Ray-Ban supporters to build boutique.

Activities will invite users to visit ray-ban.com, join the Never Hide community, which is also the Ray-Ban brand’s “mysterious and open” exclusive community, create and share their #campaign4change activities experience. With the help of the community, each member can express his determination to change.

Ray-Ban 2016 spring and summer new interpretation of the spirit of innovation

Global high-end glasses leader Sunglasses brand Ray-Ban, with the new spring and summer series to greet the arrival of the 2016, the new series has followed the ray ban outlet unique profile, also into a new fashion elements and have a unique style of circular style, coupled with the retro flavor of the design, the continuation of the charm of the legend of the brand.
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Classic series Ray-Ban Clubmaster and Ray-Ban Round is the source of inspiration for new products, two classic design perfect blending of language, achievements of the 2016 spring and summer series: Series of new designed for keen to express personality charm of modern intellectual elite design, integration of the real discount ray ban sunglasses classic design elements and classic style, to create a modern image, develop their cool fashion’s secret weapon.

ray ban sunglasses outle the style of new building, with modern decorative effect, re define its distinctive cultural style and round of the whole mirror cheap style, so that the classic bloom out of a new life.

New interpretation of the Ray-Ban classic series continues to lead the trend. Exquisite black contour and gradient reflective coating will mark the Ray Ban Aviator ring deformation as a sign of fashion style.

ray ban sunglasses outlet series interchangeable lenses

as the glasses industry overlord, ray ban sunglasses outlet is famous for its consistent technical quality and exquisite detail, with unique features. Ray-Ban uses one of the most innovative materials: low sensitivity, durable, flexible and extremely lightweight titanium alloy.

ray ban sunglasses

ray ban sunglasses, in order to protect the pilot in the air without glare influence, at the same time can guarantee a clear vision. Its functional characteristics make it an ideal choice for the police, hunters and fishermen. After the Second World War, Ray-Ban became the most popular Sunglasses brand of Hollywood stars.

From the beginning of the 50’s, ray ban constantly updated exquisite lenses, styling and materials of the new cheap style.

Ray-Ban released 2016 New autumn “Justin” GRADIENT SUNGLASSES

A few days ago, the world’s high-end glasses market leader Ban Ray launched a new cheap style in 2016.
ray ban sunglasses
ray ban sunglasses is global leader in the market for high-end glasses, is by far the world’s best-selling brand. Recently, ray ban Sunglasses outlet launched the new cheap style “Justin”, theme design with gold, gradient color and other design elements. At the same time, the glasses frame has “Ray Ban Sunglasses sale” these words. Based on the classical contour, add more color design relatively exaggerated, excellent design believe that this year will come to the fore.

Ray-Ban 2016 spring summer limited edition ray ban sunglasses

Recently, Ray Ban Wayfarer launched 2016 spring and summer limited edition ray ban sunglasses.
Find independent designer La Boca, with a unique pattern and color matching, so that the feeling back to the 80’s.
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Every year, ray ban will be launched by different artists and designers to create the ray ban outlet Painting Sunglasses series. Reflect the different personalities in the frame, celebrities love it very much. This year the object of cooperation has chosen the independent designer La Boca, she is mainly engaged in the film, music and fashion industry, with a very obvious cheap flavor of the 80’s.

Music pioneer design, limited edition discount ray ban sunglasses.

ray ban sunglasses, often give people a very good rock spirit. Sure enough It is first to launch the “ray ban sunglasses outlet” music pioneer program, please legendary guitarist Johnny Marr design five set bounds to glasses.

ray ban sunglasses

“ray ban sunglasses”plan, in New York, London, Hongkong, concerts, the orchestra performed “Marr Johnny” inspired by the creation of the design.

Ray-Ban become coolest fashion brand in the UK

According to the British people to survey recently, classic glasses brand ray ban sunglasses, to be the coolest fashion brand in the minds of the British.

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David Beckham is Ray Ban Sunglasses discount one of the number one fan

According to British media reports, ray ban sunglasses outlet ranking is higher than other luxury brands. Classic glasses brand Ray-Ban, has been the favorite of many European and American stars. Former soccer player David Beckham from England, he’s one of the biggest fans of Ray-Ban.

The survey in addition to the fashion category rankings, but also related to life and music and other fields.

It is reported that Ray-Ban has been to their own unique design style and the people first price to maintain a high market share, it is the pursuit of cool young people essential fashion single cheap product.

Ray-Ban launched the folding, aviator glasses!

Ray Ban sunglasses

In Ray-Ban 75 years old birthday party we received this pair of Global Limited 7500 pairs Folding pilot glasses, this ray ban sunglasses 22 carat, colors were yellow and white. With this year’s March release ban ray sunglasses outlet together to celebrate the 79 anniversary of the birth of the spirit of “Legend” and “Never Hide”.

Ray ban sunglasses was born in 1937, this is the classic style at the beginning of the brand. Teardrop shaped glasses shape, is the most significant sign of the Ray-Ban. And this is the first time the company uses advanced technology to launch a folding cheap style, the eight hinge Can let, mirror foot sleeve, glasses foot and bridge Fold together. A total of 3 style will be officially available for sale in November, the price of 400 euros /495 dollars.